Company profile

BS Longline and Berglon

Producing longline and snoods for fishing all over the world

Berglon, before Teymavirkið, stands behind some of the world’s best lines for fishing in waters where higher demands are placed on the equipment. Teymavirkið was founded in 1961 and changed its name to Berglon in 2007.

In 2012 we started a new company BS Longline, producing longline, snoods etc to the longline fleat all over the world.

 When we are optimising and devoloping new products at  BS Longline and Berglon we include the users in our consultations so the results are as optimal as possible.

BS longline is a manufacturing and trading company. We have produced more than 50 years since Ove Berg started his business. Runi Berg, his son, succeeded to his father’s business, produced various kinds of fishing gears such as ropes, swivel lines, snoods, and so on. Especially he developed a coating tar for the ropes for the environments.

BS longline started a new voyage for the world in 2012 with new visions and dreams. Our goods are exported to Europe, America, Canada, Japan,
and Other countries. You can have a look at our goods at the catalog.

Ove Berg was a founder of a longline company. He was a real engineer, manufacturer, and developer. He had lived in the coastline all his life, and had seen what fishermen needed for fishing. He made Snoods from the best quality yarn and his products were well known to the fishery world. He started his business in 1961, and since then, his company has become a leading producer of polyester and nylon snoods in the world.


I, Runi Berg, took over as president and expanded operations to our current standing. I take pride in my family heritage and innovated many processes for the environments friendly.

We have a plan to provide all fishing gears in total.
Customers! Affordable price, Amazing customer service, and Best Quality are provided by us. Thanks a lot.